RAB Invitational – HISTORY
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RAB Invitational – HISTORY

A competitive Fantasy Baseball league celebrating it’s 19th season (albeit a weird one). This is where weekly updates, all-time records, and more will be posted!


Stephen Kokas2017, 20182010, 2013, 2014
Kevin Walls2013, 2015, 20192016, 2017
Tom Smith20122011, 2015, 2016, 2017
Adam C. MacKinnon (Commissioner)
Rob Sumwalt*2019
Corey Hannah2010, 20142011
Brandon Curry
Greg Pearse2012
Chris Baudoin
Jon O’Rourke*
Chris Thayer*
Adam Fales*2018
Brian Margolis2019
GREEN lettering = 10+ seasons in league
* = two or less seasons in league
Managers on board are currently enrolled in league and have completed at least one full season. I have records for back to 2010, working on getting the older ones!


Kevin Walls2018175-77-12.686128
Adam C. MacKinnon2019160-92-12.629166
Stephen Kokas2017157-91-16.625131
Tom Smith2017154-98-12.606147.5
H2H records kept since Fantrax conversion after 2016 season.
Fpts = Fantasy points. Points given based on overall rank in respective category, ROTO style. Fpts doesn’t necessarily dictate win/loss record, but rather shows how that team stacked up statistically that season overall.
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