RAB Invitational – HISTORY
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RAB Invitational – HISTORY

A competitive Fantasy Baseball league celebrating it’s 19th season (albeit a weird one). This is where weekly updates, all-time records, and more will be posted!


Stephen Kokas2017, 2018, 20202010, 2013, 2014
Kevin Walls2013, 2015, 20192016, 2017, 2020
Tom Smith20122011, 2015, 2016, 2017
Adam C. MacKinnon (Commissioner)
Rob Sumwalt2019
Corey Hannah2010, 20142011, 2020
Brandon Curry
Greg Pearse2012
Chris Baudoin
Jon O’Rourke
Chris Thayer
Adam Fales2018
Brian Margolis2019, 2020
Pace Bearden*
* = two or less seasons in league
Managers on board are currently enrolled in league and have completed at least one full season. I have records for back to 2010, working on getting the older ones!


Kevin Walls2018175-77-12.686128
Adam C. MacKinnon2019160-92-12.629166
Stephen Kokas2017157-91-16.625131
Tom Smith2017154-98-12.606147.5
H2H records kept since Fantrax conversion after 2016 season.
Fpts = Fantasy points. Points given based on overall rank in respective category, ROTO style. Fpts doesn’t necessarily dictate win/loss record, but rather shows how that team stacked up statistically that season overall.
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