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Quick Pitches: 2017 World Series Plot Lines
October 24, 2017 category No Comments;

Here we are, the Fall Classic.  Probably the only time of the year that i’m grateful for having basic cable, and the only time i’ve ever said “ya know, Joe Buck did a pretty good job” (2015 World Series, i’ve gotta admit, he called a pretty good series).  It is the immediate immortalization of a years work, because no matter what happens next, each team represented their league in a series where quite literally, anything can happen.

But how did we get here?

Sure, there will be a litany of montages to whatever new Imagine Dragons song everyone is swooning over, showing slow motion slides, towering home runs, and dramatic bat flips.  There will be plenty of shots of Jose Altuve skidding around the field, Justin Turner (who i’ve dubbed “Ginger Gandalf”)’s beard bouncing around the bases, and Yasiel Puig, ya know, licking his bat… But these aren’t the only moments that make a series special.  It’s the plot lines.  The drama.  The way that baseball has a funny way of laying out strange coincidences that create layers upon layers of intrigue.  Here are some of those plot lines…

The Astros will be looking for their first ever World Series victory, despite this being their second trip to the Fall Classic

In their first ever appearance in 2005, they were swept by the Chicago White Sox, Making them the only active MLB franchise to have appeared in a World Series, but never have won a game.

The last time the Dodgers faced the Astros in the playoffs?  The 1981 NLDS, when the Dodgers took the series 3-2, and eventually won the World Series

Game 1 pitted Fernando Valenzuela against Nolan Ryan, if you want any insight into the epic-ness of that series.  This was, of course well before Houston switched leagues.  Speaking of….

The Astros are the first team in history to represent both leagues in the World Series.

They were the first team since 1998 to switch leagues (The Brewers jumped from the AL to the NL), and now the first to reach the fall classic in either.

On either teams active roster, there is only one player that owns a World Series ring:  Chase Utley

Granderson, Verlander, Turner, and Beltran have all been to a series, but only Utley has managed to win one, in 2008 with the Philadelphia Phillies.

These are just some of the interesting facts about these two teams, as they meet in the 113th World Series.

…….. That the Astros will win in 6 games.




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