Adam C. MacKinnon: Outside Work
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Adam C. MacKinnon: Outside Work

In addition to founding Romantic About Baseball, Adam has established himself as an up-and-coming blogger in the baseball world. Here are some other places you can find his appearances:


BASEBALL FOR KIDS: A YOUNG FANS GUIDE TO THE THE HISTORY OF THE GAME is a journey through the history of America’s past time. Full of fun facts, quotes, stories, and more, your young reader will become a fan in no time! See what others had to say.

“… His Dad is enjoying reading the book with him just as much!..” 

“… We look forward to sharing with our son in a few years, as we cultivate his love of the game...”

Baseball for Kids is an awesome book that knocks all others outta the park!

“…. Absolutely a wonderful book all about baseball. A treasure for any baseball fan…”





Adam got to chat with Chelsea Ladd on “Player to be Named Later” about starting RAB, and “Baseball For Kids”.

“Reading the Game” Podcast, hosted by Steve Klein, where Adam discusses his first book Baseball for Kids: A Young Fans Guide to the History of the Game.
On the “Extra Innings Podcast”, Adam sat down with host Simon to talk about the validity of Barry Bonds Hall of Fame candidacy, and how players from the Steroid Era are viewed today.
On the “Pandemic Baseball Book Club” podcast, Adam got to sit down with fellow author and friend Eric Nusbaum (Author of Stealing Home) to talk about Baseball For Kids.
On For the Love of Sports with Michael Rasile, Adam talked about how he got his start in baseball writing, how it feels to create content, and his upcoming book Baseball for Kids
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